I am an Amazon Bestselling Author, Speaker, Communications Consultant, and Business Strategist.


I am the author, along with my husband, Nick Shady, of Who Gets the Farm A Practical Guide for Farm Succession Planning. Nick and I own and operate a broad acre grain farm where Nick has implemented latest technology farming skills to generate maximum returns on our 2,500 acres. We are passionate about the well being of farming families.

In 2016, I released two mandala coloring books and a journal. I love creating and writing. It is my passion!

I have contributed as a co-author to a number of other books including:


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With a diverse professional background across many industries, I have skills in business strategy, marketing, and communications. I have professional qualifications that include a Bachelor of Communications in Professional Writing, Graduate Certificate in Virtual Communications, and Certificate in Workplace Training and Assessment.

I have worked, consulted and volunteered around the world raising awareness for various corporate and community groups.  I am passionate about supporting Survivors of Suicide (SOS) and the One Heart Foundation.

Gratitude is the most powerful force in my life. I know that I am blessed. I live in a safe and clean country, I have money, car, house. But most importantly, I have family, friends and clients that I love and who love me back.

Thank you for reading my story.

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