Turn your your nightmare into an happy and healthy reality.

I’m Selfish & I’m OK


Fear of Judgement & Its Blessing Last week, I went to a three-day workshop in Melbourne. It was a struggle to get all the logistics worked out so that I could leave my two children for four days while my husband was busy trying to re-sow our farm crops. I was exhausted by the time…

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A positive world view despite tragedies

I choose to see the world as a loving place - Ayesha Hilton

I started writing this post before the Orlando massacre and felt compelled to finish it now. The other night, I went out to an intimate club to see my friend perform along with other talented female singer-songwriters. I hadn’t been out to see live music for many years. I bravely decided to rock up alone…

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When life gets overwhelming

Sometimes, life just gets overwhelming. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, writer/author, and woman, I’ve had to face a lot of things in the last few months. This has impacted on how I manage my business while doing life. I had to take a step back from marketing and promoting my business because I…

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Create an eBook from your blog posts with Beacon Books WordPress Plugin

Automatically Create an eBook from your Blog Posts I’ve been working with members of the free Blog to Book Challenge and many of them wanted to create a book from their old blog posts. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that there was a new tool to do this. Beacon…

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Ingram Spark gives Amazon a run for it’s money with Aer.io

Ingram Spark, the Print on Demand (POD) arm of Lightning Source, has acquired a new platform for book publishing where authors retain more of the profits. You can sell your own books as well as making money from books you recommend. Called Aer.io, it is what they call a native retail network and offers: Storefront…

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Book Launch of Who Gets the Farm

One of the biggest issues facing farming families in Australia is succession planning. The mere mention of succession planning strikes fear into the heart of many and people would rather do anything but talk about farm succession. But the only solution to this problems it to start the conversation. Almost 18 months of work and…

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Coloring Books – Order Now for Christmas

FREE Shipping in AustraliaFREE Gift WrappingFREE Personalised CardOption to include Box of Pencils Order Now! Do you have friends who love coloring or might enjoy it but haven’t tried it yet?Let me help make Christmas giving easier. Order your copies of my coloring books today and I will wrap them, write a personlised gift card…

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Book Launch: 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul

Book Launch PartyIt’s launch time for the beautiful book “365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul” that has wonderful suggestions for reconnecting with your soul and higher self. The book is the baby of Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck and features some amazing co-authors. Even before the launch it has risen to #1 in New…

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Good Money Habits

The retreat I went on in Hawaii in October was run by the inspiring Rikka Zimmerman. I encountered her by chance in May this year and signed up for her money mastery program. Before the program could begin, she found out she had fourth stage cancer. She had seven tumours in her brain along with…

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