As a young child, I dreamt of one day becoming a published author. I read at every opportunity, fiction and non-fiction, I consumed it with a passion. I was book mad. There was just one problem. I wasn’t very good at writing fiction.

So what did I do? I got a degree in non-fiction writing (Bachelor of Communications in Professional Writing). And my dream of being an author went into hibernation while I got busy having a corporate career where I used my writing skills constantly.

Then one day, my dream of being a published author resurfaced. Very quickly, the dream became a reality. I then fell in love with the whole process of writing books and my passion became contagious and other people asked me to help them write their books.

It Started with an Idea

In August 2014, I went to a three-day book writing conference. I went with the idea of writing a book about inspired aging as I was struggling with this issue myself. The whole three days, I worked on my aging book. Then, on the drive home, a light-bulb literally went off in my head and I had the bright idea (excuse the pun) to co-write a book with my then husband Nick Shady.

Nick is a farmer of more than two decades experience. He’s a great farmer and a gifted businessman who provided us with a good lifestyle. He’s got a Masters Degree in Business and is passionate about his local community and making a difference. I thought that writing a book with him would help position him as the expert in the niche of family farming and give him a bigger platform for creating change in the sector.

Who Gets the Farm

I spoke to Nick on the drive back from the book writing conference. He was keen, though maybe not as much as I was. I think he was a bit daunted by the idea of writing a book. I wasn’t. I knew that we could easily and quickly write a book.

As we had seen so many people suffer from poor or no succession planning, we decided to tackle the topic.

Within weeks we had our first draft done. We had a publisher, the Global Publishing Group, who would help us get our book out into the world. It all happened so fast. And it wasn’t even that hard.

I can tell you, my experience with farm succession planning was limited, but I’m a quick learner and google helped me with what I didn’t know. We also did a survey of farmers that was very informative. Farm succession planning is a bit of a dry topic, but I wanted to write the book so that it was engaging and easy to read.

Who Gets The Farm? A practical guide to farm succession planning was published in February 2016.

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Breast Reduction – New Book Coming Soon

BRS_Book_3DBookCoverBefore I had my breast reduction surgery in early March 2015, I shared my personal struggles about why I was having a boob job on my blog. The response from people around the world amazed me. I was surprised at how many women were thinking about having breast reduction surgery and they were very touched by my vulnerable post. Women sent me personal messages and I replied to each one, grateful for the support we women can give each other.

As I lay in hospital, just hours after my surgery, I realised that these women wanted more information to help them make a decision about whether a breast reduction was right for them. I decided that I would document my breast reduction journey, survey other women about their concerns about the surgery, and talk to those who’d already had a breast reduction.

I’ve now written the book and it is going through the editing and design phase.

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FAST Book Writing

FAST Book WritingWriting Who Gets the Farm? taught me a lot about the process of writing a book and how you can do it really quickly if you have some simple strategies in place to help you. I became interested in helping business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs grow their business and profile by becoming a published author.

I decided to write a book that would help people write their books fast. I called the book FAST Book Writing: write your book in 30 days or less. This then lead to the FAST Book Writing Bootcamp because reading a book is not enough. People need to implement and take action to achieve success. I ran the bootcamp along with a three day writers’ retreat. I enjoyed the process of working with other authors!

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Coloring Books

I joined the coloring craze and released two books – one inspired by South East Asia (I grew up a Buddhist and lived for some time in India) and the other inspired by the Pacific Islands.


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Love Notes Journal

I love the idea of writing notes to those we love, so I created a gorgeous full color journal for married couples to share their love on their wedding anniversary.











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Co-authored Books

In the last few years, I was  invited to contribute as a co-author in a number of compilation books. These were interesting experiences and each had their different challenges. There is great value in being a co-author – you can write your contribution quickly, you’re exposed to a different audience, and you network with a range of other people you might not ordinary get to engage with. And it is far easier to make the book a successful if there is a team of your promoting it – which is what happened with another of the books that became Amazon Bestsellers.

Here are the books I have contributed to::




Book Cover - 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soulsuccessbook-cover-200x300

Endless Ideas

Now that I’m an author, there are so many more books I want to write. I am really like a kid in a toy store at Christmas.

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