Who Gets the Farm

Ayesha-Hilton_500_WebWho Gets the Farm?
A practical guide to farm succession planning

Nick Shady, my lovely farmer husband, and I are excited to announce the release of our book, "Who Gets the Farm: a practical guide to farm succession planning". This may sound like a dry and dull topic, but it is something we are really passionate about because we have experienced succession planning first hand, ours was a relatively painless process, but we have seen many friends and acquaintances suffer through lack of succession planning.

Writing and publishing this book with the Global Publishing Group was a great experience. I learned a lot about the book publishing process and this inspired me to help other people write and publish their books. The publishing process was quite long and the manuscript was finished in January 2015.

The feedback on the book thus far has been amazing. We were very committed to ensure that the content was clear, concise and easy to read. And we achieved that goal.

Here are some reviews of the book:

“Who Gets the Farm addresses the most significant challenges impacting the sustainability of family farming in Australia right now. Family farming is in crisis effecting individuals, families and communities. We need to address the issue of farm succession planning, to ensure the sustainability and viability of farming for future generations.”

Michael Nash, Senior Researcher of Grains Entomology at SARDI & Former Farmer


“I can identify with the personal stories shared in Who Gets the Farm. I would have liked to have this book when I was going through my own succession planning process. Nick and Ayesha have taken a complex topic and broken it down into simple steps. I highly recommend this book to other farming families who want to create a succession plan and ensure the future viability of their farming enterprise.”

Kevin Moloney, Procurement Management at Ridley AgriProducts & Former Dairy Farmer


“Our firm regularly helps clients navigate the complex terrain that is succession planning. We’ve seen how challenging it can be for families and how stressful it can be. We’ve also seen how essential succession planning is and what happens when a family doesn’t have a good plan or has no plan at all. Who Gets the Farm will help a lot of families understand what is involved in the succession planning process.”

Paul Hansen, Partner & Accountant, MOR Accountants Ballarat


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