Breast Reduction

Before I had my breast reduction surgery in early March 2015, I shared my personal struggles about why I was having a boob job on my blog. The response from people around the world amazed me. I was suprised at how many women were thinking about having breast reduction surgery and they were very touched by my vulnerable post. Women sent me personal messages and I replied to each one, grateful for the support we women can give each other.

As I lay in hospital, just hours after my surgery, I realised that these women wanted more information to help them make a decisionn about whether a breast reduction was right for them. I decided that I would document my breast reduction journey, survey other women about their concerns about the surgery, and talk to those who’d already had a breast reduction.

So, now I am writing a book on breast reduction! As I write this, it’s four days after my surgery. I’m still in full-on recovery mode as it was major surgery, but it hasn’t stopped my brain from gestating on this idea. I’m very excited about the project and I already wrote out survey questions while I was still in hospital. Now I just have to get the book written as soon as I am well enough.


I have a survey going right now if you’re considering a breast reduction or would like to share your story of having a breast reduction.

Take the survey now!

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