Create an eBook from your blog posts with Beacon Books WordPress Plugin

Automatically Create an eBook from your Blog Posts

I’ve been working with members of the free Blog to Book Challenge and many of them wanted to create a book from their old blog posts. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that there was a new tool to do this. Beacon Books have created a WordPress plugin that takes your blog posts and creates an eBook for you quickly and easily. It even then lets you create an opt-in for the eBook to use as a lead magnet. You can create the eBook around categories of your blog and then edit them individually. You can add additional text and graphics, design a cover, and then voila, you’re done!

I created the one from a series I called the Beginner’s Guide to Blogging (you can see it at the bottom of this post). I struggled to get the content to be the right size and not all the content was displaying, so I contacted support. Eoin, from Beacon Books, got back to me within an hour. They had just done an update to their templates and the problem was being fixed. I was very impressed with the customer service, especially as I had only signed up for the free account.

In a lovely twist of fate, based on my original blog about the Beacon Books plugin, Kevin and his team decided to give users with the free account the ability to download a PDF version of their book. I must admit when I read Kevin’s email at 3.30am in the morning (insomniac state) dressed in my pajamas, I had written about the plugin in an email to my followers and I had questioned whether the free account would be appealing given you couldn’t download a PDF version of the eBook and people had responded that this very limiting.

In case you’re wondering, paid accounts start at $9 per month (you can also pay for a year upfront for about $84). If you were just wanting it to aggregate and edit content to make a quick eBook from your blog, you could probably get away with the free account. If you’re wanting to do a series of books, then you may need to upgrade. But given the low monthly rate, it may well be worth it when you factor the time saving and efficiency involved. You can also create clickable buttons in your eBook, which is great if you want to another service or product.

Using the Beacon Books plugin is a quick an easy way to create a lead magnet, or opt-in gift, for visitors to your blog. I had not planned to do so with the blogging eBook I created to demonstrated the product, but I will now.

If you want to see just how fast it is to create and customize an eBook’s design you can check out this video from Beacon Books:

To find out more, visit Beacon Books at:

Here’s the link to the the plugin page on

If you end up giving it a go, let me know so I can check out your eBook.

PS Thanks to John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire and Podcasters’ Paradise who sent me the information on this tool.

And if you’re interested in blogging yourself a book, I’m running a FREE Blog to Book Challenge where I will guide you through the process of blogging and writing a book at the same time. I call it Intentional Blogging. We are all busy and blogging a book is an easy way to get grow your following and write a book. I’d love to have you join the Challenge!

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Here’s my eBook created with the Beacon Books plugin.

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