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FAST Book WritingDo you have a mission or a message?

Want to write a book?

Not sure where to start?

Not sure what to write about or how?

Have a half-finished manuscript that you just can’t seem to finish?

Hello dear author-to-be!

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of writing a book for years. Perhaps it’s a new idea that has planted itself in your consciousness. However long you’ve been dreaming of writing a book, now is the time.

Getting published as an author used to be hard. Thankfully, we are no longer at the mercy of publishers. Today, there are more opportunities than ever to become an author.

It’s not the publishing that’s hard. It’s the writing.

Perhaps you’ve stared at an empty page on your computer, wondering where to start. Perhaps, you’re just too busy to write regularly. Or perhaps, you don’t even know what you should write about or who would want to read what you write?

But what if I told you that it is possible to write your book in a month, or less, and for you to finally become a published author?

Imagine yourself in a couple of months, using your book to:

  • Promote your business and build your profile
  • Attract more high paying quality clients
  • Get more speaking gigs and opportunities to participate in webinars, podcasts, or online summits
  • Share your message and mission with more people
  • Have a greater impact in the world

Or to simply feel that sense of accomplishment and joy at achieving your dream!

Well, that’s where the FAST Book Writing book can help!

Get your copy of FAST Book Writing: write your book in 30 days or less

Why Should You Write a Book?

Now just in case you’re not convinced that writing a book is good for you and your business, let me share with you some of the amazing things that happen in life when you write a book.

There are so many good reasons to write a book, especially if you’re a coach, speaker, entrepreneur or a service provider of some sort.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to write a book:


Do you want to be the “go to person” in your niche or industry?

A book instantly increases your authority and credibility.

Get Speaking Gigs

Do you want to build a speaking career?

When you have a book, your authority and credibility make it easier for you to get professional speaking gigs (paid and unpaid). You can also be interviewed on podcasts.

Visibility & Media Coverage

Do you want to build your profile and get into mainstream media?

Many authors are sought after by traditional media outlets. TV and radio show producers are always on the lookout for engaging content, so you are much more interesting if you’re an author!

Generate Leads & Clients

Do you want to generate more leads for your business?

As a coach, business owner or entrepreneur, you always need to be generating new leads. A book will create a range of new opportunities for generating leads. Think about how your book can bring new people into your world: Amazon, speaking, media, guest blogs, etc.

Build a Leveraged Business & Make More Money

Do you want to leverage your time and knowledge to make more money while working less?

Your book can help you create a more leveraged business. You can repurpose your book into an online course and other products. With your increased credibility and authority, you can charge more for your programs, services, coaching, and mentoring.

Reach More People & Have a Greater Impact

Do you want to reach more people and have a greater impact in the world?

You have gifts, talents and wisdom to share with others that will help them transform their lives. In working one to one, you can only help so many people. A book and author platform allows you to reach more people, more easily, in ways you would be able to without a book. The more people you can reach, the greater impact you can have in the world. Everyone in the world can be your client. Anyone can buy a copy of your book, but only so many people can buy an hour of your time. Don’t keep your gifts to yourself – you are robbing the world of your wisdom, experience and message.

Build a Tribe or Community

Do you want to grow a tribe or community?

You might want to create a community of people that share the same passions as you. Your book can draw people together, create raving fans, start a movement, and provide support to others.

Start a Movement

Do you want to start a movement to inspire change?

Do you have something that you are so passionate about that you want to create a movement that will not only change people’s lives, but impact society and communities? A book is a powerful way to kick-start a movement. It can create momentum and build community around a topic.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to write a book and you are probably motivated by a range of these, if not all of them.

So if writing a book is so great, why aren’t more people doing it?

There are so many reasons that stop people writing a book, even if they desperately want to. You may have even experienced this yourself if you’ve been wanting to write a book for some time.

So, here are the most common reasons that stop people from writing their book:

  • Takes too long
  • Lack of time
  • Fear of failure, fear of success
  • Someone else has already written it
  • Lack of confidence
  • Intimidation
  • Procrastination
  • Why me?
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Too self-critical
  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of organisation
  • Don’t know what to write about
  • No deadline to work through
  • I’m not good enough, why would someone read my book?

What if I could help you find more time in your day? What if you made a real commitment to writing your book so you could really achieve your dream of becoming an author.

Get your copy of FAST Book Writing: write your book in 30 days or less

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