Giving Back

I believe in giving back. I know I live a blessed life and I am grateful for all the amazing people, experiences and things in my life. Aside from wanting to contribute to organisations that I'm passionate about, I also believe that by giving, I receive in so many beautiful ways.

There are so many deserving charities out there doing amazing work. I wish I could support them all. But these are the two I have chosen as I personally know both of the people who founded these amazing organisations and I can see just how much impact their vision and hard work is having out in the world.

Welcome to One HeartOne Heart Foundation

One of the authors I met through our publisher, the Global Publishing Group, is Dean Landy. Dean is unassuming and often times quite reserved man, and when I found out that he'd started his own foundation and created a school and home in Kenya for orphans and abandoned children, I knew this was one charity that would get my money and my full support.

As Dean and I were sitting in a hotel cafe in Melbourne after a book marketing workshop, he showed me a video that made me say straight away that I would love to sponsor a child and also give 10% of my net profits to his foundation. My husband Nick was also there and he wanted to help too.

Dean told us about a a girl called Sharon who's mother had repeatedly tried to burn her and her siblings alive. They had escaped to their grandmother's house, but unfortunately she later passed away, and Sharon was living on the streets. With the help of One Heart she found a safe home and an education. She dreams of becoming a neuro surgeon. She sounds like one powerful and determined teenager. I asked Dean if my family could sponsor her. I'm very excited to be able to help this amazing young woman and my children are too.

Land in Kenya is very expensive, even in rural areas, so I want to help Dean purchase more land so that One Heart can help even more children and help end the poverty cycle, one child at a time.

Please check out this video about One Heart. It will touch your heart. And hopefully make you pull out your wallet.

Watch this video about the children of One Heart (have tissues handy):

If you're interested in leadnership and running/marathons, check out the High Altitude Training Camp you could join in Kenya:

To support and donate to One Heart, go to:

Survivors of Suicide

My husband, Nick Shady, and I are very passionate about reducing suicide and supporting those that have lost a loved one to suicide. We live in a rural area in Australia that has a very high suicide rate. We have been personally touched by suicide and have see those left behind suffer greatly. We are donating 10% of the net profits from the sale of our book, Who Gets the Farm, to Survivors of Suicide.

We met the founder of Survivors of Suicide, Kristy Steenhous, at an event in Ballarat where we heard her personal story that made Nick and I both cry. Kristy had found her husband hanging from a fan in their bedroom. She's suspected he was unahappy but hadn't realised just how depressed he was. Kristy and her young children found it hard to cope with the suicide and needed support. When she couldn't find any support as a survivor of suicide, Kristy decided to start her own organisation to support other families who have lost a loved one in this tragic way.

Knowing Kristy personally, we see just how hard she works to help others in their time of suffering and saddness. She is an inspiration and we feel blessed that we can help her help others. Aside from support groups, she is also providing therapy to survivors through her equine program.

You can finSOS-Logod out more about Survivors of Suicide at their website:


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