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The retreat I went on in Hawaii in October was run by the inspiring Rikka Zimmerman. I encountered her by chance in May this year and signed up for her money mastery program. Before the program could begin, she found out she had fourth stage cancer. She had seven tumours in her brain along with many others throughout her body. I’m beyond happy to say that with various treatments and meditation, she miraculously recovered. I didn’t know at the time how sick she really was but she shared some of her journey to wellness with us on the retreat and I was even more amazed.

Anyway, the money mastery program is now back on after being put on hold while Rikka took care of her health. I wanted to share one of the best things that I’ve learnt thus far, and I’ve heard it before in other programs, so it’s may not be new to you either. But this time I’ve actually put it into action.

It’s the 10% account. Basically, any money that comes into your life, not just your business, you put into a special bank account. You will begin to do this automatically and you won’t miss the 10%. This action of putting aside 10% does a number of things, it pays yourself first, it gives you a feeling of abundance, and tells the universe to give you more!

The other thing I have done is changed the name of my bank accounts.

My every day bank account is now my “Everyday Play Money” account.

My 10% account is called my “Love Abundance” account.

The account I pay myself into is called my “Profits & Savings” account. (Maybe I need to make this more playful…I’ll think about it.)

My bank manager might laugh if he sees these, but I don’t mind. Now when I login to my online banking app on my mobile phone, I feel a sense of joy and playfulness. Society makes money feel serious, but it’s just energy so why not have fun with it!

Now the 10% account is not meant to be touched. It’s meant to just sit their growing over time. I have to admit that I did raid it to go to Hawaii but if I hadn’t had that 10% account I probably wouldn’t have gone to Hawaii. And the account is now filling up again!

I watched Marie Forleo video this morning while I was in the bath and she mentioned that she always picks up coins she finds on the street (I do this too) – basically you’re telling the universe that you always say yes to honest money! She also keeps the money in her purse organised with the notes sorted by denomination and all facing the same way (I call this wallet hygiene). It’s always good to clean out your wallet or purse. I don’t know about you, but mine quickly gets filled with receipts and bits of paper.

A powerful strategy I also use is when I see someone enjoying something I’d like, such as a nice car or a holiday, or even great business success, I say, “I’ll have some of that!”

Do you have fun names for your bank accounts?

Do you have some good money habits to share that have made a difference in your life?

I’d love hear what they are.

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