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Hello and thank you for being curious about my story.

I am author, speaker, and business strategist. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs, coaches and healers grow their businesses so they can serve more people doing what they love while making a great income. I offer coaching, online programs, and VIP done for you services to a broad range of clients.

I have recently written a book with my husband Nick Shady, called Who Gets the Farm A Practical Guide for Farm Succession Planning. The book will be released in February 2015. Nick and I own and operate a broad acre grain farm where Nick has implemented latest technology farming skills to generate maximum returns on our 2,500 acres. See our website for farming families for more information:

In 2015, I have had the opportunity to be a contributing author to a number of anthology books. Participating in these books has been interesting and lots of fun!

I have recently written a book with my husband, Nick Shady, called Who Gets the Farm A Practical Guide for Farm Succession Planning. Nick and I own and operate a broad acre grain farm where Nick has implemented latest technology farming skills to generate maximum returns on our 2,500 acres. See our website for farming families for more information:

With a diverse professional background across many industries, I have skills in business strategy, marketing, and communications. I have professional qualifications that include a Bachelor of Communications in Professional Writing, Graduate Certificate in Virtual Communications, and Certificate in Workplace Training and Assessment.

I have worked, consulted and volunteered around the world raising awareness for various causes for both corporate and community groups.  I am passionate about supporting Survivors of Suicide (SOS) in our local area and we are donating a percentage of book sale profits to this cause.

With a love of travel that started at an early age, I have traveled, trained and worked in seven countries including places such as the United State of America, Nepal, Laos, Burma, and Papua New Guinea.

As a young teenager, I dreamed of being an Aid Worker in third world countries. So after I finished my degree, I applied for a posting with Australian Volunteers International. I was sent to the northern city of Chiang Mai, where I worked with Thai sex workers running an education program. I then worked with Burmese refugees.

At that time, I met an amazing man, Htoo Ler, who was a refugee from Burma and of the Karen people. We fell in love and soon moved in with each other. I saw firsthand how difficult it is to be a stateless person. Htoo Ler was illegally in Thailand, so whenever we’d see the Thai police, we would feel nervous – and we saw them a lot.

I returned to Australia and we applied for a fiancé via for Htoo Ler. It took almost two years and finally he was able to come here. Sadly, our relationship didn’t last in Australia, however, Htoo Ler, now has an Australian citizenship and is able to work and live in Thailand with his new partner and beautiful children back in Chiang Mai. He continues to work to improve the life of the Karen people.

After returning to Australia, I worked for Sausage Software and then Accenture. I also continued to work for a number of non-profit organizations. Since the birth of my daughter, Grace, in 2006, I have run my own small business providing a range of business consulting services. I now have a second child, a son called Spencer who was born in 2011. I love working for myself with helping amazing women build their brands, profile and buisnesses. I’m one of those lucky people that work well from home!

As a child growing up in suburban Australia, I was always the odd one out. My mother was a single parent of four children to three different fathers. This was well before it was acceptable to be an unmarried mother, let alone a single parent with multiple fathers. My mother became a Buddhist around the time I was born and we were bought up with Buddhism as a way of life. My mother was the house keep and cook for Geshe Dawa in Melbourne and we lived with him and his assistant, Kelsang.

When I was about eight, we went to live in the northern Indian town of Dharamsala so my mother could study with his Holiness the Dalia Lama. This was back in the early 1980s, well before the Dalia Lama so well know. My little brother, Louie, even became a monk and lived in the Dalai Lama’s compound (I’m not sure what else to call it).

I loved my life in India and I was sad to return back to Australia. Living in India suited me at the time and I was happy that people could pronounce my name. My family is still Buddhist, but I have added my own beliefs in with my Buddhist philosophy of life.

Gratitude is the most powerful force in my life. I know that I am blessed. I live in a safe and clean country, I have money, car, house. But most importantly, I have family, friends and clients that I love and who love me back.

Thank you for reading about my story.


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PS My Qualifications – just in case you’re interested!

In addition to my expansive business strategy knowledge I have gained over the last twenty years, I also have a number of qualifications, including:

  • Bachelor Degree in Communications (Professional Writing)
  • Graduate Certificate in Virtual Communication
  • Certificate in Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Certificate in Weightloss Consulting
  • EFT/Meridian Tapping Therapist
  • Doula/Birth Attendant

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