Playdate with Your Inner Child

Playdate with Your Inner Child


Being an adult can be hard work!

As women, we juggle work, kids, spouse, household chores, groceries, money, bills, pets, friends, family and so much more.

Remember when you were a child and you would lose yourself in play, before life got so serious?

Your Playdate Invitation

We invite you to bring your inner child out to play and have some fun!

Join Lisa and Ayesha for a playdate with other women that includes laughter yoga, finger painting, singing, collage, and a whole lot of fun!

Afraid to Play?

If you’re self-conscious about doing any of the activities, don’t worry, we will all be daggy together. We will encourage you to leave your inner critic or perfectionism at the door for a few hours.

About Your Hosts

Ayesha Hilton

Ayesha is a transformation coach who believes that everyone needs more fun and joy in their lives. She is an Amazon Bestselling Author, colouring book creator, EFT/Tapping Therapist and Spontaneous Transformation Technique practitioner.


Lisa Wood

Known as Laughing Lisa, Lisa is a Laughter Yoga trainer. She also uses her magical powers as a massage therapist, and is training as a Kinesiologist.


The Perfect Gift to Nourish Your Inner Child

A Playdate with Your Inner Child is the perfect gift to nurture yourself. When your cup is full, you can give more to others in your life.


Here's the Playdate Plan

Your Playdate with your Inner Child has been created to nourish different parts of you. Here's what you will enjoy on the day:

Laughter Yoga

Laughing Lisa will teach you some amazingly simple but effective laughter yoga techniques. Get ready to be silly and laugh your head off.


Finger Painting

What’s not to love about putting your fingers in paint and having some fun! We chose finger painting for two reasons: 1. It’s very physical and textural 2. It takes the pressure off creating a perfect picture.



Singing is so good for your well being. Don’t worry if singing is not you’re thing. We aren’t the best singers, but we know how to have fun with singing. Bring your shower voice and join in.


Creative Collage

You are going to create a fun collage that represents your inner child and how you can nourish her more moving forward.


Day Dreaming (Guided Visualisation)

Enjoy a mini day-dreaming vacation with a guided visualisation.


Lunch & Afternoon Tea

Remember when you were young and your mum would make you lunch and snacks. Allow your inner child to be fed nourishing and delicious food - and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning!


Limited Places, So Book Today

Book today for our next Playdate!

When: Sunday, 4th June 2017, 10am - 4pm

Where: Ballarat

Cost: $88

Includes: Lunch (vegetarian, gluten free), Afternoon Tea, All Materials

Book today for our next Playdate!

When: Sunday, 4th June 2017, 10am - 4pm

Where: Ballarat

Cost: $88

Includes: Lunch (vegetarian, gluten free), Afternoon Tea, All Materials

Playdate with Your Inner Child