I love listening to podcasts as they are so easy to consume. There’s so much great content available, for free, at a time that suits you. I’ve taken my love of podcasts and I was a co-host of a women’s empowerment show, called Your Womanly Heart Matters, with the gorgeous Canadian, Kristy-Lea Tritz. I am also developing a new solo show called Inspired Living.

Practical Wisdom

I have a new podcast as part of my Practical Wisdom Academy.

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Your Womanly Heart Matters podcastYour Womanly Heart Matters

Your Womanly Heart Matters Show co-hosted with Kristy-Lea Tritz!

A show for women by women tackling everyday issues women face. This show has now been retired but is still available.

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Guest on Other Podcasts

I love being on other people’s podcasts sharing my expertise on all things books or talking about self-development.

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