“We booked Nick and Ayesha to speak at our first VFF Young Agribusiness Professionals dinner held in Ballarat in the last three years. They spoke about the challenges of succession planning and farmer mental health. Both topics produced a lot of discussion and debate from the crowd and caused a lot of people to face what are very emotional topics head on. We would definitely have Nick and Ayesha speak again as their approach and topics are very relevant to our members.”

Annabel Davies, member of the YAPS, Victorian Farmers Federation

I love public speaking and engaging with a broad range of audiences. I am available for speaking bookings on the following topics:

Business Strategy

I’m passionate about helping women build amazing businesses where they can earn great money doing what they love in the service of others. I can talk on a range of business strategy topics, including:

  • Finding your niche
  • Charging what your worth
  • Creating your compelling opt-in gift to grow your list
  • Creating an authority platform so that you are the go to expert in your field

Write, Publish and Leverage a Book to Grow Your Business & Profile

Build instant credibility and becoming the go to person in your niche by becoming an author of your own book or participating in a compliation book. Use your book to grow your buisness, attrach more customers and charge a higher fee.

Inspirational Stories

I have a number of inspirational stories that would be inspiring to other women. I volunteered in Thailand with Australian Volunteers International where I worked with sex workers and then Burmese refugees. I also grew up in India and my Mum was one of Australia’s first Buddhists and followers of the Dalai Lama.

Farming & Farm Succession Planning

I have spoken by myself and with my husband, Nick Shady, about family farming, women in farming, and farm succession planning.

I love Podcast & Online Summit Interviews

In addition to live speaking engagements, I love speaking on Podcasts and Summits. I am a fan of a number of great podcasts and am about to launch my own. I also love online summits – they provide a great way to give real value to listeners. You can hear my previous podcast interviews from my In the Media page.


See my Media Kit for more information or contact me.

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