Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT)


“The body is a miraculous storage vessel which carries within itself all of life’s traumas and joys, as well as a myriad of experiences in between that define our lives. It remembers everything even when we don’t. And through our resulting relationships, choices and even our pain, disease and unhappiness, those held memories are expressed.
"The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a unique, therapeutic system of healing that has liberated thousands from their past, opening the doors to greater levels of wealth, freedom, health, joy and fulfilling relationships by simply accessing and releasing what is buried deep within.”

Jennifer McLean, creator of STT

Gentle & Effective

Are you stressed?

Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Not feeling well?

Or suffering from trauma?

What is Spontaneous Transformation?

The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is an innovative, proven healing modality that quickly shifts withheld energy in the body to instantly liberate individuals from various ailments and heartaches.

Created by master healer, Jennifer McLean, the founder of Masterworks Healing and host of Healing with the Masters.
Jennifer’s development of the Spontaneous Transformation Technique began with a migraine that insisted on coming back over and over again. After years of pain, multiple doctor visits and no relief, she found CranioSacral Therapy – an alternative approach used by chiropractors,occupational therapists, and massage therapists to address and treat issues of chronic pain.

This therapeutic process led her on a journey of inquiry that inspired her to study the healing modalities of Polarity Therapy, which is rooted in ancient Eastern philosophies. Its focus is on balancing the natural flow of energy in the body. She also studied Reiki Therapy, a source of restoration which, again, seeks to renew a healthy energy flow through a technique called Palm Healing.

Through the application of these personal studies and transformative experiences, The Spontaneous Transformation Technique emerged.

Applied to hundreds of thousands of lives for more than two decades, this simple, seven-step process acknowledges the body as a miraculous vessel of holding and recognizes the emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances created by our retained thoughts, memories, beliefs and experiences.

From abuse, abandonment and physical disease to anger, fear, stress and grief, The Spontaneous Transformation Technique helps individuals locate and understand the origin of discomfort, without revisiting the events that caused pain and suffering, and move from surviving to thriving by releasing held trauma and re-aligning internal energy flow.

Young Woman Discussing Problems With Counselor

What is the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) Process?

When you work with me, we follow the STT process as taught by Jennifer. It is so gentle and quick, and yet so effective. And importantly, STT does not re-traumatize you.

We start with one issue and often times we can work on a couple of issues in a session.

Each session runs for 60 minutes and is held online using Zoom video conferencing (which is very simple to use). I can also work in person with you in Ballarat.

I have studied a lot of different modalities and I have found STT to be a really beautiful and loving practice. And once you learn how to do it with me in a session, you will be able to use it whenever you need to.

I personally use STT daily to help me deal with drama and emotions that arise during my day to day life.

Taste Test - Single Session

Want to find out what STT is all about and whether it is a good fit for you? Book in for a single session with me and we can work on one or two issues that you want to address.

COST: $97 (Australian Dollars)

12 Week Life Transformation Package

Join me for 12 weeks of sessions where we can look at all aspects of your life. This package is designed to transform your life and is suitable for you if you have serious issues or multiple or complex issues you wish to work on.

COST: $997 (Australian Dollars)