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I was invited to be a co-author is the compilation book Superwoman Myths: breat the rules of silence and speak up your truth by the compiler Kristy-Lea Tritz.

Superwoman Myths book coverIn this book, women from around the world have had the courage to share their stories of overcoming adversity. Writing my chapter for this book was a challenge as it is hard to speak your own truth when it also involves others. I ended up writing four chapters before I was comfortable submitting one. Speaking our truths as women is complicated and takes courage.

In my chapter, I share my story of growing up in a  dysfunctional family where I felt unloved, then as an adult I became a single parent with a five week old despite my desperate attempts to create a normal family life.

The experience of sharing intimate stories about oneself has been an interesting one and I can now relate to clients that have hesitations about sharing certain information in their books. It is hard and there are somethings that cannot be shared because of the impact it would have on either the writer or those they are writing about.

I was able to invite a number of women into the book who I knew had inspiring stories to share. I admire the women in Superwoman Myths who have had the courage to talk about intense topics such as being abused as a child or the death of their child. My story isn't as grave as these but it is as heartfelt.

Created around the book is the Superwoman Myths Summit where you can hear the authors and special guests discuss the myths that hold women back from truly being themselves and creating a life they love. In the summit, I bust through the myth that you're a failure if you quit.

We have also created an online training program for women around the Superwoman Myths. I explore how women can know whether they should quit or stick with something (relationship, friendship, job, hobbie, or other commitment) and give you practical strategies for getting more of what you love and letting go of what you don't.

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The book has been a while in the making, with some intersesting challenges during the publishing process, and the release date was pushed back a couple of times. We had a great launch and through collaboratively promoting the book during the launch window, we achieved Amazon Bestseller Status. This was really excited for all the women involved.

Ayesha Hilton - Amazon Best Selling Author in Superwoman Myths

I'd love to know if there's a myth playing out in your life that is impacting you!

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