Superwoman Myths Summit

Superwoman Myths


Free Online Summit: 9-16th April 2015


"The Superwoman Myths Summit has been a labour of love from many people. It came to be out of the desire to allow women know that they no longer had to live the myths they currently were living in their lives. The women who are your speakers for the summit chose to share their own Superwoman Myths, how they lived them and how they conquered them. Each summit speaker poured her heart into her video to give you a look into her life, her struggles, and her overcome!

This summit is presented by women for women, although the male audience will also be inspired, it is a video summit to truly inspire you as a woman. I believe it is important that we support one another in our journey of life. Remaining silent doesn’t bring about change. It is when we speak together that the real change begins.

As speakers we’ve all been exactly where you are now, we stumbled in life and endured experiences which changed our lives forever. Now, we use these experiences in this summit to help you experience what change can do in your own life. You’ll be deeply touched by the authenticity and depth of heart with which each speaker shares their Superwoman Myths with you. With listening to each new speaker, you will feel more empowered, inspired and encouraged. With each word you hear, it is our hope as speakers that you experience ah-ha moments in your life and see that it doesn’t have to remain the way it is, it can be better, your voice is important and it deserves to be heard! You don't have to live Superwoman Myths any longer!"

Kristy-Lea Tritz

Ayesha Hilton on the Superwoman Myths SummitAs one of the co-authors of the Superwoman Myths book, I was invited to explore one of the many myths that hold women back from truly being themselves and from creating a life they love. In the summit, Kristy-Lea and I talk about the myth that quitting is failing.

Leading on from the Summit is Superwoman Myths Program which explores in details the various myths impacting women today and how we can challenge these myths and make changes in our lives.

I hope you'll join me on the summit!

Ayesha Hilton PhotoAyesha

PS After I met the compilor of the Superwoman Myths book, Kristy-Lea Tritz, we joined together to create the podcast, Your Womanly Heart Matters. This show is for women and by women where we talk about things that really matter in our lives and the lives of women in general.