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Superwoman Myths

Superwoman Myths Online Program


The Superwoman Myths Program evolved from the book so that co-authors could share their journey and share their experiences to help and inspire other women.

"The Superwoman Myths Progam was not only a labour of love from the summit speakers it was an opportunity to allow you to journey along side each one as the teach you. It came to be out of the desire to allow women to break free from the Superwoman Myths they live in their daily lives. The women who are your speakers for the summit chose to collaborate together to create the Superwoman Myths Program and provided for you within that program multiple mini classes.  Classes range from health and wellness, to embracing your authentic self, even to how to be more sensual and really embracing the feminine side of your life. You are not alone! We are here for you.

This program will be a great stepping stone for creating change in your life. The kind of change that is life sustaining and really makes you life come alive!  Each class contributor crated individual classes based on their Superwoman Myth they tackled in the Summit. Classes are in a format that makes them not only easily digestible but also easily implemented in your daily life. There is nothing more frustrating then taking a program and having no time or energy to do it."

Kristy-Lea Tritz

What's in the Program?

There are 12 presenters in the Superwoman Myths Program that cover a broad range of topics. Based on the myths that keep us from creating a live we truly love, some of the topics in the program include health and wellness, embracing your authentic self, connecting with your sensuality, and so much more. We are also creating an amazing community of women who can support you in your journey.

My Class: Knowing When to Quit and When to Stick

In my class, I explore the myth that quitting is failure. I chose this because I struggled with this myself for many years. I would start things and not like them and then quit them or feel compelled to stick with them because I'd made a committment or invested my time and money.

I now believe that there's no such thing as failure. I get frustrated when I see women sticking with things that they hate and that are making them miserable.

There's no such thing as failure. The magic happens we are open to new experiences and are not attached to the outcome. When we do not fear failure, we can embrace opportunities with the knowledge that if the experience does not serve us, we can let it go.

If the program resonates with you, you can find out more by clicking the button below. I'd love for you to join me in the program.

I hope to see you in the program!

Ayesha Hilton PhotoAyesha

PS After I met the compilor of the Superwoman Myths book, Kristy-Lea Tritz, we joined together to create the podcast, Your Womanly Heart Matters. This show is for women and by women where we talk about things that really matter in our lives and the lives of women in general.