Update on my boob job

Post Surgery Update

Ayesha Hilton after breast reduction surgery

Selfie after waking from breast reduction surgery

Well, it's done. I now have smaller boobs. I lost nearly 1 kilo of breast tissue and skin. I went from an Australian E cup to a C cup.

The day before the surgery was intense as I was busy getting organised to leave my family and my business for more than two weeks. I had a lot to do and I was nervous which made me much less effective than normal.

Running from the airport shuttle bus to check in for me flight saw me fly through the air and do a total face plant on concrete. Ouch! I skinned my knees badly and my hands were bruised. A kind security guard, Jim, escorted me and my luggage to the check in counter. I was shaken and teary. I was worried about missing my flight as I had waited 20 years for this surgery and I wasn't going to miss it.

I arrived in Canberra bruised and emotional. It had been a hard week and I wasn't in the healthy and relaxed state I had planned to be in. I'd also had a virus for the past two weeks with only a couple of healthy days before the surgery date.

I had a nice dinner out with friends and family that night and then went to bed fairly early but slept little. I didn't expect to be as nervous as I was. Part of my anxiety was from leaving my family, especially my two children, for more than two weeks so I could recover.

My friend took me to the hospital for surgery and before I knew it, I as on the operating table. I awoke more than four hours later. The surgery had been a success. I was well medicated and not feeling any major discomfort other than dizziness.

My chest was wrapped in a bandage. I had an IV and self-controlled pain relief. I was happy to press that pain button as needed. The biggest hurdle was going to the bathroom. I put it off for as long as possible but eventually nature could not be ignored. I nearly passed out and the nurse was suprised by my dizziness. I was happy to make it safely back to bed. I ate some buttermenthol lollies and that helped my blood sugar. I also had some water.

I felt really great for a while, but then my energy plummeted. My lovely friend came to visit me but I wasn't very engaging. After she left, I tried to have some dinner. Vegetarian rissoles with salad. They were much nicer than I expected but I couldn't eat the whole meal. I was suffering extreme nausea. I was given anti-nausea drugs and that made a huge difference.

It was hard to sleep that night. The woman in the next cubicle had her light and TV on. And those who know me well, know I am a crap sleeper in the best of times. The nurses kindly gave me ear plugs and an eye mask (that had the words Read My Lids on it). I dosed myself up on pain medication and finally got a few hours sleep.

At four am, I was wide awake. My three year old son had been waking at this time for the last week, so my body was programed to wake up. While I was awake, I was thinking about the whole breast reduction experience and about how many women had reached out to mer privately sharing their own experience of either wanting a reduction or having had one already.

I decided then that I would write a book on breast reduction. I got out my mobile phone and took heaps of notes on Evernote. Crazy, I know! But when ideas come into my head, it is best to record them straight away. I've sinced looked at them and I wasn't off my head on painkillers. My notes are very coherent.

Anyway, the next morning the surgeon and head nurse came around and removed the bandage. My smaller boobs were sitting high on my chest. They were tender and bruised but seemed to be better shaped than I had expected. I was given a bra that I consider a form of torture (especially as I later found out I was given a small instead of a medium by accident). The elastic of the bra pushes hard against my stiches and is not pleasant at all.

I went home after breakfast to my friend's house. I slept and lay around for the day. I even watched a few episodes of Drop Dead Diva before collapsing back in bed. I didn't sleep well due to pain that night and the next day I was pretty tired. Apparently people can suffer from post-operative blues due to the drugs in their system. I found myself a lot more emotional after the surgery and I'm already an emotional person.

Thankfully, I'm not suffering any buyer's remorse. I think my husband was a little afraid of that. I have no idea what my boobs will be like when they settle down. It can take 6-12 months before the become their new normal selves. I am very relieved at not carrying so much weight on my shoulders, literally. I'm excited by the idea of having less back and neck pain. The hardest thing for me, and the most emotional, has been being away from my kids. I am missing my snuggles and cuddles so much. I know I need this time to recover, but it's harder than I thought.

It's now day four and I'm feeling pretty good. I can't do much, but I did manage a shower. I'm tender and bruised. The stitches hurt a lot, but I've scaled back my pain medication to just paracetamol. I was on stronger pain relief but it didn't agree with my stomach.

My sleeping schedule is out of whack. As I write this it is 2.55am. I'm tired but wired. I couldn't sleep, so I thought I might as well share my post-surgery update. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your comments below.

Now, I really should try and get some sleep so this poor body can heal!

Ayesha Hilton PhotoAyesha

Farewell to big boobs!

Ayesha Hilton

Here’s me at my heaviest with my boobs bursting out of my dress.

I’m having a boob job. No, I’m not getting implants. My boobs are big enough, thank you. I’m having a breast reduction.

I’m going to be quite honest and vulnerable here sharing quite personal information (maybe too much information, but I’ll let you be the judge of that).

For most of my adult life, I’ve had massive breasts.At the moment, I wear a 16E (38F UK/USA) bra and size 10-12 clothes. I have to have the size 16 bra to get the cup size right. When I got pregnant with my first child, my boobs didn’t change at all in size, though they did get heavier when I was breastfeeding.

Then with my second child, five years later, my boobs went up four cups sizes in a month. Hard to imagine I know. I went from an 18E to an 18I (40I USA, 40J UK). For most of my son’s infancy, my breast was bigger than his head. The photo on the left shows me at my heaviest with big boobs exploding out of my wedding dress (I didn't realise until I saw photos after our wedding just how much I was spilling out of the dress).

When my son was two years old, I lost a whopping 25 kilos (that’s about 50 pounds). I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Hashimotos Thyroiditis (an autoimmune thyroid disease). Both of which conspire to make me gain weight regardless of whether I’m eating like a sparrow or not. To lose weight, I did an extreme diet called HcG. You may have heard of it (and probably not good things). But it was the only thing that has worked for me. It’s difficult for me to maintain my weight and I can gain 4 kilos in 10 days by just eating a paleo style diet.

Despite losing 25 kilos, my boobs are still huge. And bloody heavy. I’ve had constant neck and back pain from carrying around more than a kilo of boobage for the last 20 years. I have permanent indents in my shoulders from where my bra straps dig in. And I’m limited in what I can wear because clothes have to cater for my ample bosom. (Though, I must say that I do manage to have my own style and flair that other people think is pretty good.)

I’ve always dreamed of having a breast reduction. But I knew I would never have one until I had finished having children. I wanted to breastfeed and that’s not guaranteed if you have a breast reduction. I am now officially finished having children. I did expect to finish a little earlier in life, but as circumstances turned out, I didn’t finish having children until my late thirties. I'm so glad I could breastfeed my children relatively easy. My boobs were a blessing and they nurtured and grew too children, so that's pretty awesome.

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So I went to see one surgeon locally and the photos she showed me of her handiwork were horrific and I preferred my saggy old boobs to the new and improved ones she showed me. My husband was equally horrified. So when I told him I was going to see another surgeon, he was more than supportive.

Ayesha Hilton

Here’s me wearing another red dress 25 kilos lighter but still lugging around my E Cup boobs!

I travelled interstate recently to meet the new surgeon and his team. A good friend recommended the surgeon as he had done breast reduction and lift there and she had been kind enough to show me the results. And let me say, her boobs were aweseome! (Nothing like the butcherous surgeon we’d seen locally.)

At my appointment, I had my boobs investigated and man-handled (literally). It turns out that my boobs are all breast tissue, not fat, and excess skin. So even if I lost more weight, my boobs would not get any smaller or lighter.

I’m booked in for surgery at the beginning of March. To get rid of the excess tissue and skin is quite complicated because I don’t have any volume in the upper part of my breasts. The surgery will take about 4.5 hours to complete. And it’s costing a fortune with minimal rebate from Medicare despite me having a referral from my doctor and there’s no rebate at all from my health insurance (despite my loyalty of 15 years and barely ever claiming anything).

I think the pain and the expense will be worth it. I’ve recently encountered heaps of women who have had breast reductions and not one of them has ever regretted it. In fact, most have said it was the best thing they could have done. They have less back and neck pain, they feel more confident, and they can buy clothes more easily.

I am a little scared though. I’m worried about whether I will like them smaller and if I will still feel like myself. I trust the surgeon and I have made him promise not to make my boobs too small. I definitely would feel odd if I went from an E cup to an A cup. I still want to have medium sized breasts and a nice cleavage.

Wish me luck!

I’ll post again on this topic after the surgery and let you know how I go.

In the meantime, feel free to let me know your thoughts below or if you are too shy, send me a personal message. I’d love to hear from you.

Ayesha Hilton PhotoAyesha

PS If you have small boobs, please don’t be envious of the well-endowed. Big boobs are literally a pain in the neck.



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